XEvil — easy, fast and flexible tool for automatic recognition of most type of CAPTCHA's (included so hard captchas like Google ReCaptcha v.1 and v.2, Solve Media, Facebook-captcha, etc.).

The application replaces such services as AntiGate (Anti-Captcha), RuCaptcha, DeCaptcher, etc., and at the same time it provides for higher recognition velocity (in 10 times) and is completely free of charge.

Properties of the recognized images

  • The recognized types: over 8400
  • Sizes: Unlimited
  • Fonts: Unlimited
  • Language: Roman type, Cyrillic, digits
  • Arithmetic: Supported
  • Noise: Unlimited
  • Distortions: Unlimited

Free version

  • Average precision of recognition – 60%-80%
  • Average recognition velocity – 1 s

Ultra version


  • Average precision of recognition – 90%-100%
  • Average recognition velocity – 0.01...0.02 s
  • ReCaptcha v.1 & v.2, captchas of Hotmail (Microsoft), Solve Media, BitcoinFaucet, Hydra

The recognition technology is backed by the most state of art neural networks. The developer shall not be liable for any use of the application.